How Sanitary is a Chocolate Fountain?

Chocolate fountains sound almost too good to be true. Rich, velvety chocolate pouring continuously over a tiered fountain, while you enrobe your favorite treat in the gooey satisfaction. Connoisseurs can choose between dark, milk or white chocolate to make guests at their events drool. I think I had dreams of such a device as a child.

At first, I was really enticed by the idea of a chocolate fountain, but as I started to think about it more, I suddenly became disgusted by how many germs these devices must have flowing down the tiers.

My chocolate fountain phobia did not start off right away. I have to admit that I have held a strawberry or two underneath a fountain, coating it in my favorite treat. I even considered renting one of the contraptions for my own wedding.

However, after seeing a recent advertisement for a popular buffet restaurant chain, it suddenly dawned on me - chocolate fountains are pools of germs. Do I really want to dip a marshmallow into a ribbon of chocolate that may be tainted with someone else's germs? Take a look around at any buffet restaurant. You are almost guaranteed to find a few "patrons" who probably have not bathed for a few weeks. Add tons of snotty-nosed little kids to that mixture, and you are sure to have a fountain of streptococcus.

Now, to be fair to the restaurants, I am sure that they take proper safety measures to make sure that these fountains are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, but all it takes is one double-dipper to ruin the fun for us all.

The next time I see a chocolate fountain at a wedding or gathering, I will think twice before partaking. Perhaps I just need to buy my own so that I can be assured that the only germs I'm ingesting are my own.


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most people have no idea what the FDA 'allowed' detritus is in chocolate leave alone the airborn gasses and germs of a confined space might be adding to it. yuk!